Water Damage Repairs

20150228_051644Two projects are currently underway to repair broken pipes from this winter’s cold nights. Water can do some serious and pervasive damage on multiple floors in a very short time.  If the owner happens to be away, the soaking can be catastrophic.

20150309_104500In a home in Essex, Vermont, a pipe improperly insulated and exposed to a penetrating wind burst in the kitchen and flooded the finished basement downstairs.  Most of the insulation must be pulled, sheetrock replaced and new carpet laid in every room.

In Ferrisburgh, a shower fixture just gave out and flooded two floors.  We’ve laid a new drycore sub-floor in the basement and replaced a fine v-groove ceiling over head.  Upstairs, the damaged bamboo floor has been replaced with a rustic cherry and finished to a satin luster.