Spring Has Sprung

The Winter songs have been sung


the final runs have been run


All of the equipment spends a rare weekend at home before being redistributed to several sites in the coming days.

The scaffolding has certainly been put to good use by a crew of determined guys who do what it takes to reach the high and low points of our work.






That could mean getting creative to keep it safe, or shoveling snow


Sometimes, of course, we have to rent the right tool to get to the right spot safely


Regardless of the tool and the bitter cold beginning and snowy end of winter, we’ve managed to put on a fair amount of siding and new roofs…


Like this one in North Ferrisburg



and Vergennes




And this beauty in Huntington (that’s fiber-cement siding)




The big news for Spring 2018 is that some projects are looming that require some of my design and contracting skills, different tools dusted off and getting some use.