Heading Quickly Towards Spring

The winter has been both brutally cold and unusually balmy, but still we’ve persevered.  This week we’re just finishing up the last siding work from 2017.











From a siding job in the Fall, we were fortunate to be invited to work inside on some of the worst days this winter, installing the ceiling and walls on a tiny house in Williston.






And it wasn’t all siding this winter. We got the sonotubes for a deck into the ground just before the frost set in.  In January, when the wind let up, we added this side deck and built a new entry over the concrete steps that had failed to stylize the house.





From a big wind storm in late October, we tarpped several roofs that our schedule now allows us to get back and repair the damage by replacing the entire roof.


But siding is the way we spend most of our time.