Definitely Way Past Time

I keep thinking I’ll have a chance to update this site, but the days keep flying along, the phone keeps ringing and we’re involved in more projects than can ever get documented here.

…and another year goes by

That’s a good thing really. It means we’re so busy, there’s just not enough time to add many words or pictures to the homes we’re enhancing. But where most people my age are retiring, I’m in a growth phase of my business, transitioning from wearing the nailbelt on small jobs for the last 10 years and moving back into larger projects and more management.

It’s time to let the young bucks do the heavy lifting.

Today, we have several projects of interest starting with our bread and butter vinyl siding teams on two sites.

In Burlington, we are thick in the middle of converting a one-time family home and rooming house into 6 upscale small apartments with bedrooms, galley kitchens and laundry in each. The subs are nearly finished the rough-in and the insulation is taking the chill out of winter.

And if that’s not enough, we’re fitting up a new store on Pine Street