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With the weather colder now (and hopefully snowy), it’s nice to be working inside.  The company is growing quickly back closer to its former shape  (à la 2006).  With 4 employees on the payroll, we can take on multiple projects again.

RogersIn the mild December, we put the finishing touches to a great project in Burlington of super-insulating and siding a home.


Also in Burlington, we’re having fun in January with an apartment renovation.  To make it beautiful, sometimes you have to take it down to the studs and bring it back to near perfect.

20160108_085212It’s tough to make a meal in here now, but when finished, the kitchen will be gorgeous with new cabinets and hardwood floors.

20160108_163439And as if that wasn’t busy enough, I’ve been renovating a bathroom in Colchester.  New walls, new floor and new fixtures brings new life.