Water Damage Repairs

20150228_051644Two projects are currently underway to repair broken pipes from this winter’s cold nights. Water can do some serious and pervasive damage on multiple floors in a very short time.  If the owner happens to be away, the soaking can be catastrophic.

20150309_104500In a home in Essex, Vermont, a pipe improperly insulated and exposed to a penetrating wind burst in the kitchen and flooded the finished basement downstairs.  Most of the insulation must be pulled, sheetrock replaced and new carpet laid in every room.

In Ferrisburgh, a shower fixture just gave out and flooded two floors.  We’ve laid a new drycore sub-floor in the basement and replaced a fine v-groove ceiling over head.  Upstairs, the damaged bamboo floor has been replaced with a rustic cherry and finished to a satin luster.



Siding Renovations Around Burlington, Vt

millspointThis Fall and well into the Winter of 2015, we have been replacing the siding on homes around Burlington as well as North Hero and Waterbury.  Four older homes and one new home got new vinyl siding and aluminum fascias to match

.  Langlois2After many years and probably more than a few thousand squares of cedar clapboards and fibercement siding, it’s a new skill to learn the tricks and trades of vinyl and aluminum.

It’s the choice of so many customers, quick to apply and relatively affoharveyrdable when it must be done.  Likely we will be doing more for another contractor as the weather improves, but for now, it’s a relief to be moving inside.

White Rock Pizza Gets a New Roof


It doesnt look too bad from this angle, but this is one steep roof starting at 20 feet above the ground. It takes more time to strip off and lay down a new square than on a lower pitch roof because we have to be very careful with scaffolding and safety harnesses to ensure we live to see another project on another day!

And at the end of the day, progress is made…

Garage Renovation in Burlington

What’s going On

A Burlington garage currently holds my attention which the client wants renovated for garden tools and storage . chapB41

We have cut out the lower wall in the back, removing all rot and deterioration, and replaced it with a block wall to resupport the wall. In the coming days, this will be continued around the perimeter of the building. chap1

Scraping the lead paint using prescribed techniques is going on the outside in preparation for a fresh skin.  Ready for a roof (and it’s actually done) and a set of custom garage doors will finish it off.Cchap3


Burlington, Vt