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Too Busy for April Fools

Last run on the slopes at Sugarbush this weekend just turns the tide towards the building season which is already in full hammer-swing. While the owners had their fears of not being ready for opening day, we have delivered the building to them all cleaned up and polished.

We started with an old garage space turned into a warehouse and transformed it with paint, epoxy and some know-how

Additionally we have a few more houses re-sided

Both in Essex

And in Burlington, our apartment conversion has finally got a roof over the balcony.

With a rough inspection finally scheduled for next week, we should be hanging the sheetrock in the four apartments on the day after.

Stay tuned

Definitely Way Past Time

I keep thinking I’ll have a chance to update this site, but the days keep flying along, the phone keeps ringing and we’re involved in more projects than can ever get documented here.

…and another year goes by

That’s a good thing really. It means we’re so busy, there’s just not enough time to add many words or pictures to the homes we’re enhancing. But where most people my age are retiring, I’m in a growth phase of my business, transitioning from wearing the nailbelt on small jobs for the last 10 years and moving back into larger projects and more management.

It’s time to let the young bucks do the heavy lifting.

Today, we have several projects of interest starting with our bread and butter vinyl siding teams on two sites.

In Burlington, we are thick in the middle of converting a one-time family home and rooming house into 6 upscale small apartments with bedrooms, galley kitchens and laundry in each. The subs are nearly finished the rough-in and the insulation is taking the chill out of winter.

And if that’s not enough, we’re fitting up a new store on Pine Street

Work in Progress

Ground breaking went beautifully in early October. Alan Cary is a magician with a backhoe. I wish I could have stood around all day and watched him work  (thinking of the townsfolk in Mike Mulligan) as his four corners came out neat and square.

Don Thetford of Anchor Foundations has been going strong since I last saw him 10 years ago, but we took up our friendly conversation as if it had only been a week. His corners were also neat square and perfectly level.

 This pile of lumber was delivered in mid-November. There are enough 2×6’s for the downstairs walls, 2×10’s for floor joists and 23 sheets of plywood to cover the floor.

Winter has come early and set in with a vengeance.

We’ve already lost a couple of days to snow storms and had to dig out and scrape off the lumber.

Not used to the cold, it feels very cold to be framing–bad enough, it’s been awhile since I’ve used these muscles.  Somehow, you just hunker down and keep moving to keep warm. At least you don’t waste much time eating lunch…

and somehow…

stick by precious stick




the job gets done




Just as the next load gets dropped

Garage/Studio Addition

After years of focusing on siding jobs with the occasional roof overhead, the Design/Build “department” has signed a contract to build a garage/studio in Jeffersonville.  This required me to dust off the old tools of CAD design, contracts and large budgets to put together the bank-worthy package that I could do blindfolded a decade ago.

It’s a simple design and will be a lot of fun to build.  It will go up quickly and the siding, roofing and windows are what we’ve been doing. Sheetrock and paint will challenge my elbow and rotator cuffs, but the finish work will ice the cake.

Pictures, of course will follow as the work progresses.


Spring Has Sprung

The Winter songs have been sung


the final runs have been run


All of the equipment spends a rare weekend at home before being redistributed to several sites in the coming days.

The scaffolding has certainly been put to good use by a crew of determined guys who do what it takes to reach the high and low points of our work.






That could mean getting creative to keep it safe, or shoveling snow


Sometimes, of course, we have to rent the right tool to get to the right spot safely


Regardless of the tool and the bitter cold beginning and snowy end of winter, we’ve managed to put on a fair amount of siding and new roofs…


Like this one in North Ferrisburg



and Vergennes




And this beauty in Huntington (that’s fiber-cement siding)




The big news for Spring 2018 is that some projects are looming that require some of my design and contracting skills, different tools dusted off and getting some use.


Heading Quickly Towards Spring

The winter has been both brutally cold and unusually balmy, but still we’ve persevered.  This week we’re just finishing up the last siding work from 2017.











From a siding job in the Fall, we were fortunate to be invited to work inside on some of the worst days this winter, installing the ceiling and walls on a tiny house in Williston.






And it wasn’t all siding this winter. We got the sonotubes for a deck into the ground just before the frost set in.  In January, when the wind let up, we added this side deck and built a new entry over the concrete steps that had failed to stylize the house.





From a big wind storm in late October, we tarpped several roofs that our schedule now allows us to get back and repair the damage by replacing the entire roof.


But siding is the way we spend most of our time.

Bolton Renovation

The year has rushed by. Winter hurtles towards us, but the line-up of projects stays strong. Vinyl siding is still our bread and butter even as a dramatic windstorm has given us several roofs to repair and replace. Last week saw us hustling across the county with tarps and strapping to secure the damaged roofs.

For the last month, we’ve spent a relatively longer amount of time on one site in Bolton. This home has had a significant make-over, getting a new roof, all new windows and a few doors, finished off with a new coat of vinyl siding to make it really stand out on the mountainside.

What looked like this:





Has been transformed into this:

And what was a dusty inconvenience for the owners…





…has become a sunroom to be enjoyed all 4 seasons instead of three

The Year in Renovations

While the bulk of our work last year was on siding projects both as a contractor and sub-contractor,  a few renovations came our way to keep other skills honed sharply.

In the coldest part of the winter, we were fortunate to land the interior renovation of an apartment in Burlington, including new floors, kitchen and full bath.  It also required extensive repair and replacement of multi-layers of sheetrock and original plaster & lathe.  That became this…




…and this



became that





While we were at it, I got a call to renovate another Burlington bath, taking it down to the studs,






…installing new tile
and custom shelves
…and then another bathroom transformed

Then, of course, there was the plethora of usual siding projects…starting with one 12 unit apartment complex with fibercement
















To relax, I flew out to visit my daughter in Oregon





and put a new roof on her home in Portland





Then I learned to play golf with some foxy characters

and skied the Sugarbush with a new group of Skater Monkeys


With the weather colder now (and hopefully snowy), it’s nice to be working inside.  The company is growing quickly back closer to its former shape  (à la 2006).  With 4 employees on the payroll, we can take on multiple projects again.

RogersIn the mild December, we put the finishing touches to a great project in Burlington of super-insulating and siding a home.


Also in Burlington, we’re having fun in January with an apartment renovation.  To make it beautiful, sometimes you have to take it down to the studs and bring it back to near perfect.

20160108_085212It’s tough to make a meal in here now, but when finished, the kitchen will be gorgeous with new cabinets and hardwood floors.

20160108_163439And as if that wasn’t busy enough, I’ve been renovating a bathroom in Colchester.  New walls, new floor and new fixtures brings new life.

Summer of Siding

20150829_110431Establishing a relationship  as a sub-contractor for All Seasons Siding this year, we were able to work from May to November on vinyl siding installations.    20151130_15310220120103_035233

We started  out with some pretty shake20150710_144144y set-ups for the higher areas until it became clear that if we were really
going to focus on this, some major investments would have to be for this Alum-a-Pole systemIMG_1398.  It  gets us high quickly and safely.

 Reaching the hardest (and scariest) places with sturdy planks under our feet makes us all happier and keeps the jobs running smoother.