Raised bAddition 1961y an architect and living through 5 renovations to his original home in suburban Philadelphia, Kip de Moll came to renovations early, given a nail belt and invited to join the crew (unpaid) at the age of 7. Despite a passion to write fiction and play music, construction has been the mainstay of his efforts to make his way in the world.

Oregon HouseAfter graduating college in 1976, Kip went to Oregon for the summer to help build his sister’s house on the edge of a cliff, but fire and drama offered the chance to stay for a decade to raise a family. As an apprentice, he built 14 homes on the sand dunes and around the small villages, before taking on remodeling projects of his own.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAReturning to Vermont, his heart’s lifetime home, in 1989, Kip created Artisan Builders through various manifestations with and without partners until it¬†stands on its foundation today. ¬†Through the many years of learning, experimenting and honing skills, Artisan Builders is unique and never daunted by the unconventional and challenging requirements of the remodeling business.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Burlington, Vt