For all your remodeling, renovation and handyman needs

From projects like a repaired fence to a whole-house makeover, Artisan Builders can exceed your expectations for any sized renovation and meet all your remodeling needs in and around Burlington, Vermont.  Design/build additions, kitchen renovations, lifting a building and simple handyman chores are all ofHPIM0274.JPG interest to this small and talented group of craftsmen.

The relationship is the key.

Artisan Builders is not on the job just to make money.  The desire is to translate a love for home from initial dreams to reality, building  friendships with every nail, screw and drop of glue.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

After more than 40 years of experience as a  building contractor and remodeler, Kip de Moll, owner and founder of the company in Burlington works hard to ensure that  projects run reasonably smoothly. However, he will admit it doesn’t always feel that way in the thick of the dust (remodeling is full of surprises and stresses), but clients will agree if problems do arise, Kip stays in the heat to restore the balance.

All of thisIM000652.JPG knowledge gained from the experience of successes and trials builds a strong toolbox of skills to meet the challenges of remodeling. In the end, customers turned friends settle into their new space with satisfaction and more pictures are added to the growing pages of  the portfolio on this website.

Couple-talking-150x150To learn more about the remodeling process, become a member today and immediately receive a FREE webinar presentation. It’s full of suggestions about what to look for and how to choose a contractor for your project.  Discounts and special offers will also be yours by joining the Artisan community.


Thanks for stopping by and taking a look and listen. Ask around and feel free to contact me for references.  Together we can make your vision happen.

Burlington, Vt